Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Spire - post I

When you are finding reading difficult and your pace is not quite where you would like it to be then a quick book can do wonders. What I mean by that is not necessarily a novella but a book that is accessible and quick to get through.

The Spire is fitting the bill, although I could not have predicted that before starting it. The story of a Dean determined to build a spire on a cathedral that doesn't have the foundations is a tragedy waiting to happen. For the Dean it is a question of faith but others, including his colleagues, see it as folly.

Written in the Golding style - which calls on the reader to work hard filling in blanks and putting half stories together - this Is building into not just a question of faith but also about the arrogance of a single man. The idea that the deal breaker, the foundations holding, is beneath and largely unseen reminds you if Fire Down Below. those worried in that book about the fire destroying the ship were proved right. The doubters just might be right again this time..

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