Friday, April 17, 2009

Hangover Square -post I

This book is always included on those promotions that bookshops including Waterstones always like to run highlighting books about London.

With the setting in Earls Court, although it starts in Hunstanton, this is a 'London' book. But the location so far is not really that important as you start to follow George Bone through the agonies of unrequited love with Netta. What keeps them together with the addition of some other hangers on is booze.

They cling to the pins despite having the intelligence to know that it is destroying them. Bone prays for war, it's 1939 so he's going to get that wish granted. But he also plans to kill Netta. As he suffers from periods of MIT remembering what he has thought or done he has had plenty of times when he has thought of killing Netta of at least assumed he has been thinking of that.

Yet one show of mild interest and he is at her beck and call. Will he kill her and get out of his self destructive cycle? The war might help. Plus answers might come from further reading...

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