Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Children of Hurin - post I

It is a bit like reading some of those Old Testament passages of the Bible trying to get past the start of this story with the family lines explained. But once the names and the relationships and blood lines have been gone through the action does start to take over and the children of Hurin face their first test as their father and his Elvin friends are crushed in battle by the dark lord Morgoth.

This is a world long before the Lord of the Rings but because of the writing style and the context setting introduction by Christopher Tolkien it feels like an easy extension of the trilogy we all know so well.

Left as a 10 year old boy is Turin the son of the captured Hurin who is sent by his mother to seek safety in the woods to the south inhabited by Elves. The story is unfolding with the all-powerful Morgoth sowing seeds of hate and revenge and presumably Turin will be the one to channel those into a fight.

Hopefully there will be more action and not so many names of fathers, sons and the lands they inhabit.

More tomorrow…

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