Friday, July 18, 2008

Pincher Martin - post III

One of the main aims of writing is to paint a picture through words that is so believable the reader is lost in that world and moment. Golding manages to put you on the rock with the shipwreck survivor Christopher Martin.

Although of course you want to see if he will be rescued you are half tempted by the prospect of him being left there because that would take the writing to a challenging and darker place.

Through flashbacks you get the picture of a young actor who seems to have a series of spurned relationships before he joined the navy to go and fight for his country. But despite the experience on the rock there has not yet been an indication that if he gets back to normal life he might lead it differently.

The other challenge for the reader is the style where hints and not just a couple of failed female relationships but also one with a young boy are mentioned but never really drawn out in great detail.

Maybe the past will become clearer as the pages and the chance of rescue start to run out? More tomorrow…

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