Friday, July 25, 2008

The Children of Hurin - post III

By now the curse that lies on the children of Hurin is not only bringing doom to Turin but anyone he decides to visit. So there is always a mixed response when he turns up and sure enough the little empires of elves and men start to crumble as Turin wanders through Middle Earth.

He brings death to his friends and manages to provoke Morgoth to bring out not the Orcs but a dragon that has a very cruel streak and managed to bring desolation to Turin and his mother and sister.

What felt like it was building towards a climax when a mixed army or men and elves stormed the Dark Lord's lands now feels like it is going to end in death and failure. Not quite what you were expecting but maybe that’s refreshing after the success of the climatic battles in Return of the King.

The moral of the story so far seems to be: do your best to avoid curses, particularly from those that happen to go by the nickname of The Dark Lord.

Final chunk tomorrow…

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