Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Ghost-seer - lunch post II

Having broken off yesterday's reading with the ghostly apparition being exposed as a scam the prince is desperate to find out more about the identity of the mysterious Armenian

Highlights from the next twenty pages (all I could squeeze in)

* The Prince decides that the best person to ask about the mysterious Armenian is the sorcerer who was so intimidated by him at the gathering and so they get permission to visit him in prison

* He explains how the trick was staged and how he intended to get away with it but of course all the Prince wants to know is who the mystery man is

* The answer is intriguing with him being described as immortal but having to disappear for an hour each night on the stroke of midnight leading some to say he is dead but is allowed to walk the earth for 23 hours a day

* The link between the Armenian and the sorcerer involves a long winded story that will be explained fully tomorrow...

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