Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Fugitive - post II

Apologies after a good morning fell asleep on the way home so only managed 50 pages.

The old saying ‘let sleeping dogs lie’ could well apply to the time Marcel is now spending trying to fill in blanks in Albertine’s past.

Bullet points from pages 490 - 540

* The death of Albertine is still taking time to sink in and he feels a mixture of love and jealously as he remembers what happened between them and comes to the conclusion that she in a way killed herself by leaving him and going off horse riding

* The problem is that despite the fact that she is dead Marcel cannot get the jealous thoughts out of his head so he recruits Aime the waiter from the hotel in Balbec to go back to the seaside resort and check on Albertine’s credentials on the lesbian front

* While he waits for the reply he realises that he has forgotten his grandmother, never thinks of former loves Gilberte and Madame de Guermantes and so accepts that in time he will forget Albertine

* Mind you he is not going to forget her in a hurry if he keeps digging up her past and Aime returns with a story that collaborates his suspicions of her being a lesbian and then he goes the extra mile and digs up even more details involving a laundry girl leaving Marcel's head spinning

How far will he go on his quest for the truth or will he move on? maybe some answers will come tomorrow...

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