Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Ghost-seer - spooky lunch post I

As it is Halloween today I have started some lunch time reading with a spookyish theme so have opted for The Ghost-seer by Friedrich von Schiller.

Highlights from the first 25 pages

* The story in book one evolves around a Prince and his friend who are based in Venice and keep coming across a mysterious Armenian who seems to be able to predict the future

* Mysterious things keep happening that are part illusion and part magical and there is a scene where a sorcerer says that he can summon an apparition of someone who has died

* The doors rattle and the shutters slam and an apparition appears but then the police break in and expose it as a sham and are set to arrest everyone but a Russian solider, who turns out to be the Armenian shows the police officer a piece of paper and they are released

* The Armenian disappears but the Prince asks the officers who the man was and they reply that they didn’t know him but he is part of the inquisition but the Prince says that the way he acts and inspired fear in the sorcerer that was not human…the mystery deepens

I’ll read some more tomorrow…

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