Friday, October 06, 2006

No one writes to the colonel - post II

This is the second half of the book and at the risk of stealing the content of the review this is a thin book that is also a fantastically deep in the range of emotions it covers and it leaves you with a lot of questions left unanswered

Bullet point from the second half

* The colonel changes laywers in pursuit of his veteran's pension but in the meantime runs deeper into debt to the point at which he starts to argue more with his wife

* He tries to sell the clock, the picture and in the end even the rooster to try and claw some money back but in the end he keeps waiting for the letter that never comes with details of his pension

* His wife slowly starts to be driven to despair over the situation and the asthma that is worsened by the rooster being in the bedroom and in the end confronts the colonel over the future and is left in the dark

A full review will appear tomorrow...

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