Thursday, October 05, 2006

Cities of the Plain - post IV

Again the curse of 60 pages strikes and I get no further. It's clear that this is going to stretch into the weekend again.

Bullet points between pages 810 - 870

* The main themes of these pages are that he is starting to come out of his grief and start to appreciate Balbec, the people there like the Verdurins and Albertine more seriously

* His jealously over Albertine reaches fever pitch when in a passing comment Dr Cottard suffests that she might be a lesbian and doubts that she might be plague Marcel until he has a conversation with her where he asks her for the truth

* He lies to her and says that he is is love with her friend but it is ovbvious, to the reader at least, that his love for Albertine is growing and becoming something serious

We need to see if the relationship will develop further tomorrow...

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