Friday, October 06, 2006

Cities of the Plain - post V

I am suffering a bit with toothache so have found it hard to concentrate on reading and have managed very few pages but for what it is worth here are some bullet points

Bullet points between pages 870 - 915

* Marcel is still worried that Albertine might have a thing for other girls but his doubts are dispelled when she flirts with Saint-Loup, who realises that his friend is in love with her and doesn't pursue it

* Marcel then goes to see the Verdurins and meets some of the party on the train on theor way and gets an introduction into the world of the faithful who follow the Verdurins including among their number Dr Cottard who is fighting against the reputation of being boring

That's it I'm afraid hope to get some strong pain killers and plough through some pages tomorrow...

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