Thursday, January 27, 2011


Apologies for lack of blog posts have really been struggling to get the reading momentum going this month so the focus in the evenings has been on getting a few extra pages under the belt and the blog has suffered.

Please bear with me as I start to get the reviews of January's reads finally put together and catch up with myself.


Anonymous said...

look forward to your return simon ,all the best stu

DRF said...

For a change of medium without a change of subject, take a look at The Library by Sergey Stefanovich on Youtube.

best wishes, Duncan Fallowell

Marc A. Medley said...

Simon, I understand the feeling. Sometimes we get out of the groove almost like writer's block but instead it's reader's block (smile). Reading is my passion as well to the point where I have a radio show on the station your brother manages (WP88.7 FM) called The Reading Circle with Marc Medley. My website is Dr. Quicke shared with me your passion for reading and I told him that you and I have a lot in common. He shared your blog with me and I am now following. I also have a blog on this site at and it is called The Critical Thinker. Keep reading my friend. Someone quoted that reading is the discount ticket to everywhere. Be well

I'm Simon Quicke and I have said...

Duncan thanks so much for your comment I have watched the video and really enjoyed it. Very envious of your library. Will do a post on it to make sure other people get the chance to see it.