Saturday, October 09, 2010

Read it before you grow up

Went to the library this morning and took out the 1001 Children's Books to Read Before You Grow Up. It's done by the people who did the 1001 things to do before you dies and it has provided some food for thought.

What really interested me was not so much the new books that are coming out or are a few years old, like the follow-ups from the Gruffalo authors for instance, but the classics.

There are some books that I read as a child including the likes of Just William that I had forgotten and have now been inspired to get out again to read to my children. Reading aloud is a great pleasure providing me with as much fun as the boys and having got through three Mr Gum books this year and a couple of Enid Blyton's we are currently reading a Michael Rosen. Next perhaps it might be Just William...


Anonymous said...

I am desperate to get my hands on that book, I think more than the original 1001 books book.

Anonymous said...

I borrowed the orginal 1001 and got depressed hlow few I d read lol ,may have better luck with this ,all the best stu