Friday, October 08, 2010

C seems to be the front runner

It was interesting to watch Newsnight Review and get a glimpse into what some of the movers and shakers in the lit world think will win the Booker prize next week.

The broad agreement seemed to be that C was the favorite but it wasn't necessarily a popular choice. John Mullan expressed his dislike of the pr around the book that it was an 'anti-novel' pointing out that if anything it had a chronology and a main character that made it in some respects quite like a traditional novel.

But at the end as the four critics were asked what they thought would win there was a split between McCarthy's C and Damon Galgut's in a Strange room.

You get the feeling that if C doesn't win it's going to be quite a surprise. even the bookies aren't taking anymore bets on it. Waiting to see what happens on the 12 October.

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Anonymous said...

it seems the most adventurous book on the list simon ,but only read two hard to say ,but should win for sure,all the best stu