Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Thoughts at the half-way point of Prater Violet

Having read Goodbye Berlin the memoir style that Isherwood delivers with such ease feels familiar and comfortable. This book comes after the author has returned from Berlin and as the war clouds gather over Europe.

Trying to finish a book but also in need of money Isherwood is introduced to the larger than life Austrian film director Fredrich Bergmann and empoloyed as a script writer. He is tasked with delivering the script for the story of mistaken idendity that is the love story of Prater Violet.

But the job of working on the script is secondary to the character of Bergmann that Isherwood describes in great detail. As the Austrian wrestles with the developments at home with the Nazi's he struggles to convince those around him that war is coming and how disatorous it will be for Europe. Sadly few are listening.

A review follows soon...

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