Tuesday, August 03, 2010

A Local bookshops could save holiday packing

If there is one major lesson from holidaying in the UK, I've been to France or Switzerland for the past four years, it is that you don't need to take as many books with you as you might have thought.

I packed about 8 or 9 books to last up to ten days on holiday but on the first night after pitching the tent wandered into Swanage, near where I was staying, to discover an Oxfam bookshop. Come Monday morning and you can imagine I was straight in there buying three books which I read over the next few days.

These three could of course have saved on some pre-holiday packing and it made me think that next time I put the tent in the car I will also check locations of new and second hand bookshops near the holiday destination. It might well save some packing.

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