Friday, August 21, 2009

Struggling to re-engage

Most readers at some point or another come across a book they struggle to enjoy. sharing views around reading on here and Twitter has made it quite clear that people do find some things a turn-off.

But having made a sort of pact with myself always to finish a book i start, even if it's horrible, in the belief that there will be something worth learning from the experience, it is hard to walk away from things.

But increasingly there are books lying at the bottom of bags started but far from finished. on holiday The Couples by John updike and The Book of Dave by Will Self consititure the two books I am struggling to get through.

It is not for want of trying but maybe a failure so far to connect with characters or plot. Won't bpther on holiday but i am determined to get through both books this year but to learn from the mistake of getting bogged down with future reading selections.


Stephen said...

The Book of Dave is a struggle but I managed to get through it. I never want to read any more Will Self though.

Snowbell said...

I used to always finish the books I was reading no matter how horrible there were.

Nowadays, if I really don't like a book, I tend to skim through it just to know the end...