Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Save me Santa

It’s almost impossible not to go all 'bah-humbug' when you see the celebrity authors lining up to sell their wares in time for the Christmas market. Only two days into this week and yesterday on the way to get petrol I switched on the radio and there was Billie Piper promoting her book Growing Pains on Simon Mayo’s Radio Five Live show. Then this morning on BBC Breakfast up pops Griff Rhys Jones to talk about his childhood memoirs, Semi Detached.
There seems to be no escape from the avalanche of books being written by people that would do a great deal better to either do a bit more growing and then tell us all about it or keep things to themselves. Okay so I haven’t read either book and neither do I have any plans to do so, but you get the point that the scales of book production have been overloaded with celebrity life stories in the run-up to Christmas.
Remember a book isn’t just going to be read on Christmas Day, it might end up on your shelf for ever, so choose a good one.

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