Thursday, April 02, 2009

1983 - post IV

Not planning to give away the ending but it is pretty safe to say that you have to be concentrating right until the last word.

Things never really end the people involved just disappear or die and you are left wondering whether or not the corruption that gripped the police force has ever really left. Those who appeared to have won were plagued by bad dreams and memories and those who lost in a way had an early release from the hell.

The concluding chapters push your ability to remember the names and places from the first three books to the limit but it is worth it and the final pieces of the jigsaw are still slotting together in my mind.

Over the entire series there has been a palpable grimness that is created by the rain, darkness and the bleakness of most of the locations. Even the homes of the wealthy and corrupt are prisons of despair and hotel rooms and bars have all been poisoned by the fear and death from the past.

In the sense of poetically weaving a nightmare landscape where Rippers walks and angels are destroyed Peace brings that off brilliantly.

A review will follow at some point…

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Anonymous said...

Hi Simon,

I met your mother in my shop today. I own an independent bookstore in Halifax, NS called Frog Hollow Books. I've enjoyed reading some of your blog today. I wish I could get 1983 in Canada, but there doesn't seem to be any Canadian distribution for David Peace at the moment. What a shame, it sounds great.

Happy Reading,

Heidi Hallett