Wednesday, April 01, 2009

1983 - post III

No jokes today reading 1983.

As the extent and ambition of the police corruption starts to become clear you not only understand why certain things happened in the past but get a brutal insight into why Peter Hunter was never going to be able to get very far in Yorkshire.

You are still undecided as to wether or not Jobson, the Owl, is fully signed up to the corruption but as a third strand of narrative is added to the mix with BJ giving an insight into why him and Claire Strachan were hunted down its obvious that the Owl was not able to stop events.

Meanwhile Piggot is being sucked into a world of bad memories which become even worse when he understands that hand in glove with the police were some members of the legal profession.

His search for the truth, just like Hunter’s, is starting to push him to the edge of sanity. For readers trying to make the connections the idea that Jack Whitehead might have hooked up again with Eddie Dunford seems to linger with the Viva being sighted near the Redbeck but what are dreams and what is reality?

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