Sunday, March 29, 2009

In defence of the bookmark

Only a few years ago any museum, cathedral or exhibition you went to always ended with a trip to the shop and a bookmark purchase.

But these days there just don't seem to be as many bookmarks around. It can't be because people have stopped reading because that cannot be the case. It just seems to be less popular. First the leather and fabric bookmarks were replaced with magnetic ones that clipped half a page rather than stuck out at the bottom or top of the book. But even the magnetic ones are now hard to come by.

It's a great shame because bookmarks always remind you of a day, time and place that usually is connected with a happy day. I hope the current lack of bookmarks is just a fashionable fad and not something permanent.

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Anonymous said...

I agree tis sad, maybe it's just a sign of our age that we remember these things! I find I visit the local library and grab the wide selection of cardboard bookmarks they have! That way I don't lose track of which chapter of Swallows and Amazons (our current read) I'm reading the kids!