Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Damned United - post I

When this book first came out it rather past me by. Being neither a Leeds United fan, that bothered about Brian Clough or a conniseuir of football books I couldn't see the interest. But that was before I read 1974 and started 1977 and got into the David Peace style.

As a result I knew that this was going to be about more than Clough and wouldnl be about a moment in time and a place - the north East and Leeds. So far, with the first few days of his Ill fated 44 days at Leeds and the history of Clough and the development of the legend are interwoven with tales of hard drinking chairmen, dirty footballers and a fickle general public and press.

Clough fails from the start to win over Leeds and the book looks set to become a painful one as the egos clash and the threat of the sack comes ever closer.

More tomorrow...

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