Wednesday, March 18, 2009

1977 - post II

You have the twin characters of the policeman Fraser and the crime reporter Whitehead both losing control. Fraser has fallen in love with a prostitute and is watching his marriage fall apart. Whitehead is plagued by dreams of a dead woman and has clearly lost his competitive streak on the paper since Eddie ( from 1974) moved on.

Linking them both is the hunt for the yorkshire Ripper and as the police stumble around with their usual racist and agressibe tactics they display a complete lack of detecting ability. Meanwhile it is the papers that coin the term Ripper and without any real appetite for it Jack Whitehead is following one of the biggest stories ever.

The hunt is not so much for the Ripper but for the resolution of the demons that are tormenting the leading characters.

The problem is those demons are caused and supported by the very society they work and live in.

More tomorrow...

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