Thursday, October 16, 2008

Why do we do it?

Overheard this conversation today between two sales staff on my floor who were discussing reading.

After one told the other he was reading Steinbeck, but couldn’t remember the title, the following philosophical exchange took place:

Salesman one: “I have been asking myself and friends recently about what are the benefits and the point of reading?”

“I have decided it is to be entertained. You want to have a good read that is entertaining”

Salesman two: “yes but it is also a chance to read about places, history and other people”.

It would be an interesting question to sit and ponder for any of us I expect…


Stephen said...

These two sound interesting. I think you should eavesdrop on them more often!
Alas, nobody mentions books much in my workplace.

Simon Quicke said...

Start telling them about some of the great ghost stories you have been reading and that should get some sort of response.

Either that or people will start to look at you oddly...