Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rabbit Run - post I

There is a moment near the start when Janice says to her husband Harry (Rabbit) not to run but as he goes out to pick up his son from his parents and his car from outside the front of his in-laws something clicks.

He picks up the car and drives hundreds of miles before oddly coming back to his home town. He avoids going home but instead seeks out the support of his old basketball coach. Things then become stranger still because far from running he seems prepared to get involved in another relationship with a girl, Ruth, he is introduced to by his coach.

There are some great bits of dialogue: "after you've been first-rate at something, no matter what, it kind of takes the kick out of being second-rate."and good descriptions of places but Rabbit does seem to be a loser and his decision to from Janice to Ruth an odd one. Also having got kids it is hard to sympathise with a character so happy to walk away from his son. He may think his wife is dumb but what about the child?

Maybe he will get the chance to run further than a few blocks away? Wait and see I guess.

More tomorrow…

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