Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Ballad of Peckham Rye - post III

In the sense that Dougal Douglas is a catalyst for change he manages to have an impact on an increasing number of people. The head of personnel is driven to the brink of a breakdown, Trevor is driven to trying to push a broken pint glass into his face and the good people of Peckham are driven to hold a view over the strange man – whether they like him or not.

As the book moves into the territory of devils and demons it reminds you strongly of Mervyn Peake’s Mr Pye. The same results to the tight knit community of Sark were felt with the arrival of a super confident, socially risky and a people manipulator and motivator. Although Douglas is also working at the personal level he takes a job in a rival factory and as a result is in an even stronger position to cause havoc.

He starts to advise people to break off engagements, walk away from long-standing love affairs and take time off work. Soon the circle will come round to join the opening chapter and the full chaos of Douglas’s last days will be described.

More tomorrow…

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