Friday, November 09, 2007

Lunchtime read: The Immoralist

It is starting to look like the immoralist is more about failing to conform to society in terms of thought and deed rather than necessarily action.

When Michel is presented with a conversation with someone who suspects his tastes of straying from the norm he is indignant and heads home to resume his normal life only to discover that after being forced to socialise and exhaust herself his wife has lost her child.

For a while his wife drifts close to the edge but is pulled back and they head off to the estate in Brittany and there Michel manages to drift even further off the point and ends up hanging around with poachers. When he is discovered in a fit of pique he announces that he is going to sell the estate and he packs up and with his still ill wife heads off begging her to go travelling to hot lands to try and rekindle their love.

More tomorrow…

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