Thursday, November 08, 2007

Becoming a 24/7 reader

Surfing around iTunes the other night it was at first pleasurable and then horrifying to discover the number of literary podcasts that are available. Up to now I have only really dipped my toe in the water with the Penguin podcast but it is now possible to listen to the Guardian books podcast, the New York Times podcast and a host of other BBC radio programmes about literature and the arts.

I am rapidly taking the view that the only option is to read on the commute, squeeze it in whenever there is a chance at home and then lie in the dark awake all night consuming all the podcasts – then it might be possible to take advantage of everything that a book lover could get access to.


Penguin Blog (USA) said...

Thanks for checking out the Penguin Podcast. We appreciate the feedback (and nod). Penguin has a blog as well, so make sure to check it out. In addition to listing a round-up of weekly podcasts (the focus of this post), we have guest authors who blog every week.

simon quicke said...

Thanks for the link and thanks for reading this blog much appreciated.