Sunday, April 08, 2007

weekend paper round up

Not too much bookish or reading related in the papers today. With it being Easter weekend there is more emphasis being out on spring, flowers, gardens and places to go and spend some time and money over the Easter holiday. But there were a couple of things that stood out and here they are:

One feature immediately caught the eye in The Guardian with a big piece on the future of reading and the technology that is mounting a challenge to traditional methods of finding books. I have to confess I haven’t finished reading it yet and might do another post on the contents because this is a long running debate but it so far does make you wonder just how far Google will go in revolutionising the book world and what it all means for libraries as well as bookshops.

Simon Hoggart, writing in the same paper, expresses his guilt at not supporting the last local second-hand bookstore, which has just closed down. He remarks that the Internet has overcome the difficulty it used to take finding a book and sidestepped the stuffy and often quirkily intimidating atmosphere.

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