Saturday, March 24, 2007

Weekend paper round-up

One of the consistent theories about the Pakistani cricket coach Bob Woolmer’s murder is that it was because of something he had written in his forthcoming book about match fixing. The Independent has a report that confirms he was going to discuss South African match fixing in his book but also hand out a fair amount of criticism to team members in the side he so recently coached.

Elsewhere there is an interesting piece in The Guardian by Stephen Moss who wonders whether the rise in satellite navigation is going to kill off maps. Not if they keep advising motorists to drive down dead ends and into ditches. The paper also has an exclusive story by Ian McEwan in its Review section.

Then finally, putting her own embarrassing manuscript loss in perspective, Jeanette Winterson in her Times column reminds us that both Ernest Hemingway and T.E. Lawrence were both victims of lost manuscripts. Luckily for Winterson her’s turned up at a train stop in Balham.

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