Saturday, March 24, 2007

Lunchtime read: Lord Emsworth Acts for the Best

This volume of short stories comes to and end and until I win the lottery this is the closest it is to come to knowing how it feels to be a landed aristocrat. Throughout the book it gives you a warm feeling and there are moments that are laugh out loud funny but most off the time this is a gentle humour.

The Crime Wave at Blandings
Centring on an airgun various members of the family use it to shoot each other and repeatedly at a former secretary to Lord Emsworth a man by the name of Baxter. The balance shifts several times with Emsworth under attack from his sister and then Baxter until in the end he ends up in a position where he can get his own way and rise above the criticism from his sister and restore peace at Blandings Castle.

Birth of a Salesman
With the location shifted to America Lord Emsworth is finding himself overshadowed by his son Freddie, who is doing well selling dog biscuits. So when the chance comes to help out a pregnant encyclopaedia sales woman he leaps at it. His target believes him to be a private investigator sent by his wife and so agrees to buy $500 worth to get Emsworth off his back.

Sticky Wicket at Blandings
With beach the butler under threat and Freddie facing a divorce for giving his wife’s dog away all is resolved by the butler who comes out as the saviour of the family reputation making it quite impossible for him to be sacked. Emsworth as usual cannot follow simple instructions and almost gets in trouble for being a prowler and is locked in a neighbours coal cellar. That is until Beach comes and drugs his fellow butler with a sedative and releases his master.

A full review will follow tomorrow…

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