Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lunchtime read: Lord Emsworth Acts for the Best

The funny going-on's that centre on Lord Emsworth continue with the Earl concentrating all of his limited mental facilities on subjects such as pigs and peace and quiet rather than the tasks his sisters ask him to deal with,. Floating throughout all of it is Freddie who is both a catalyst for problems and a source of most of them.

Facing the agriculture show and a pig-man who is out of action following an altercation with the police and a pig that will not eat Lord Emsworth is beside himself. Meanwhile his sister asks him to try and put and end to her daughters relationship with someone she hopes she won’t get engaged to. But the young man in question turns out to know a great deal of pigs and after helping to get the pig eating again is rewarded with the hand of the one he loves

Company for Gertrude
A similar issue with a vicar being seen as not suitable for the other sister’s daughter Gertrude. Freddie convinces his friend that he should get down the Blandings Castle and ingratiate himself with his farther who could give him a nice living in one of the churches he has responsibility for as Earl. The young man goes so far and become such a nuisance that when Freddie comes clean and tells him the real story Lord Emsworth is only too happy to shunt him off to a church that touches on his neighbours estate, someone who he can’t stand either.

The Go-Getter
Having focused his efforts on getting his dog loving Aunt to start ordering the dog biscuits his father-in-law makes Freddie is discouraged to find his aunt preoccupied with other matters. Those matters namely being the fact that after accepting the engagement with the vicar her daughter now seems to be about to go off with a singer. Freddie oddly comes to the rescue by trying to show that a dog fed on his dog biscuits is a strong healthy dog and in the ensuing dog fight the vicar shows up and demonstrates his manliness to Gertrude while the opera singer hides on a bookshelf. As a reward the Aunt order two tons of the biscuits.

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