Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Gormenghast - post I

Gormenghast starts setting o0ut the story five years on from the events of Titus Groan with the character of Titus becoming much more developed. As a result of his age there is an opportunity to introduce some fresh characters with the professors being the first major example and some fresh locations that Titus discovers on his travels.

Steerpike, the evil presence of the first book, seems to have settled down working with Barquentine but could be in trouble if the Countess catches him

Bullet points between pages 1 – 67

* Things start with the castle being described with a boy Titus and apart from the leap forward in time not a great deal seems to have happened and Steerpike is up to his old tricks spying on everyone to try to get useful information

* But it is not until the Countess visits the doctor that you realise that along with all the other foul deeds he committed in Titus Groan Steerpike has also hidden the twins away and convinced everyone else they committed suicide because of the grief they felt for their brother

* Steerpike has convinced the twins that the castle has been struck by weasel plague and they are locked in for their own protection but as he orders them under the carpet the first signs of rebellion stir with them contemplating killing him

* The Countess asks the doctor to watch for evil and she vows to stamp it out if it is discovered not just for the sake of the integrity of the castle but also to protect Titus who is a boy discovering parts of the castle and being forced to attend school

* The professors are painted out as a weird bunch all more interested in doing no teaching than actually getting involved with the boys but they are told to treat Titus like any other pupil and as you get introduced to the strange world of the teaching staff

* What is even more bizarre is that from amongst the number of toothache sufferers and smoke piping mortarboard wearers the doctor’s sister hopes to find a husband and announces her plans to throw a party to find a mate

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