Thursday, March 01, 2007

Lunchtime read: Aimez-vous Brahms

The complex love lives of the Parisians develops with the older experienced Roger starting to make it obvious he is not giving enough to make Paule happy.

Chapter nine
Having rushed back from the country to see Paule after her letter telling him that he was to come soon she downplays the letter and disappoints him but in a moment in the car she seems to see him for who he really is and the age difference falls away and love starts to blossom

Chapter ten
Meanwhile Simon’s mother suspects something is going on and invites Paule and Roger to come to a dinner party and Roger realises that Simon is a potential threat shows his anger with him and then whisks Paule away and then leaves her but Simon has followed and shows her again that he cares

Chapter eleven
After being given an indication that he is ‘too good for her’ and that he ’might get hurt’ Simon backs off but after ten days can not take it anymore and turns up at Paule’s shop and that night they sleep together in each other’s arms

More follows tomorrow where there will be an inevitable resolution of the conflict in Paule’s life between Simon and Roger and you have to sense that the younger man will win

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