Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The captive - post II

I have to admit that there are times when if you came across the jealous possesive Marcel there would be a serious temptation to tell him to get ba grip and stop being such an idiot. That said there is always the situation you find yourself reading about it that you know there is some pain coming his way so you could always keep quiet and wait for that to shake him up.

Bullet points from pages 60 - 153

* The relationship between Marcel, he finally gives the narrator that name, is getting more strained because of his jealousy

* His control over her surely cannot go on for much longer and there are hints that those people who he hopes will spy on her are actually on her side and spinning him lies to keep Albertine's movements secret

* The captive status of Albertine is putting a strain on his relationship with his mother and Francoise the servant who continues to live with him in his apartment

Things are left at this stage with him working himself up into a state, rarely going out, and losing trust in everyone around him. The title of the volume really applies to Marcel and just like Swann and Saint-Loup before him the only hope is that he sees sense and snaps out of it before it drives him crazy

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