Monday, October 16, 2006

The Captive - post I

Picking up on the Marcel Proust again with Volume V the story starts in familiar fashion with some of the main characters making an appearance in the first sixty pages

Bullet points between pages 1 - 60

* Albertine is now living in Marcel's apartment as a captive, hence the title, although there are other captives as you will see, and reports her movements to him on a daily basis

* Marcel is a captive to his jealously and can't seem to trust Albertine - still suspecting her of being a closet lesbian

* Baron de Charlus is captive to his fear of losing control over Morel, the violinist he is in love with, and as a compromise plans to control both Morel and his bride, should he end up marrying the tailor's daughter

So there are plenty of people captive to feeelings and situations they might well try to get out of so it should get interesting this week...

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