Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Must try harder

It's hard to believe that when I started blogging I took great pride in the output and used to pat myself on the back for doing at least a post a day, if not sometimes multiple entries.

So when I see the total posts of last year only came to 10 it is quite a shock and a graphic illustration of just how far things have changed. There are several reasons why things have slowed down:

* Time - I just don't seem to have any of it anymore. As a result of running a marathon last year (first and only) and a couple of half marathons I seem to spend the little time I have donning lycra and trying to fight the bulge.

* Kids - I have a young son, not yet two, and it's hard reading and blogging when there are special moments to be had with him. Milo is a real joy and along with his brothers deserve my attention.

* Motivation - The drive that used to be there at the start has almost completely burnt out. I know that this will never be a blog attracting thousands of hits, my interaction with people is poor and there are so many better alternatives (see the blogroll). I'm comfortable with that but am still working out just what this all means for the blog going forward.

* Readers block - this is a really serious one for me. Last year I just couldn't read without feeling stressed and the result was that I only managed to read a handful of books and most of the time started and abandoned reading books. I'm not sure what this is all about but suspect that it is psychological connected to some of the other factors I have listed here.

If I have one aim for this year it is not only to fall back in love with reading but also to try and work out what this blog is for. It is something that I want to provide me with enjoyment, that hopefully can be shared, but right now it is doing little of that. Hopefully that will change and I will work out a strategy for 2014.


Lisa Hill, ANZ LitLovers said...

Oh goodness me, if you can read and concentrate on anything at all when you have a two-year-old, you are doing better than I ever did.
I don't think you should berate yourself for 'poor interaction' either: Blogger blogs are notoriously difficult to comment on, and your settings make it impossible for anyone who doesn't have a Google account, or doesn't want to use it. (I hate Google, and am only using my account there to comment on this because you seem so discouraged).
I hope you go on blogging because I like your style and choice of books, but remember this too: your little one is only small for a very short time and if you have to choose, choose to spend time with him. You'll never regret it.
All the best and happy mothering, happy reading,
Lisa (ANZ LitLovers)

Simon Quicke said...

Lisa thanks so much for commenting it means a great deal. It perhaps shows off how ignorant I am that I had no idea how much trouble it was commenting on here. Thank you for making that effort and thank you for your kind words. :)