Monday, February 20, 2012

Thoughts at the halfway point of Gonzo Republic

Hunter S. Thompson is one of those writers that likes to blur reality. Reading his books is fun but because he places himself in the story it might be entertaining but not always totally convincing.

This book aims to look at why Thompson developed the Gonzo style, what he hoped to achieve by it and helps a reader through the motivation behind the author's work.

It also makes it fairly clear from that start that the mistake is not just to take Thompson too literally but to assume that as a result everything he is saying can be dismissed as a fiction.

Insights into a troubled childhood and a writing style that emerged more by luck than judgement sets up the book for what should be an interesting second half. With Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas written and Thompson well established you know how the story ends but what happened in the intervening years should make a good read.

A review will follow on completion...


Rob said...

Had no idea you were reading this too, Simon. Finding it a little academic myself, but wholly accessible. Can't wait to read your final thoughts.

John Hahae said...

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