Saturday, February 04, 2012

National Libraries Day

One of my first memories is going through some doors, down a slope in my pushchair and looking through a large internal round window that was in the children's section of Blackburn library.

My mother has always loved libraries and instilled that into myself and my brother getting us library cards from a very young age and introducing us to a magical world of books.

That love has never left me and until this government was elected I always took it for granted that not only would libraries always be there but the same experiences I had would be ones I could pass onto my children.

Although I'm lucky that my local library has not been closed down when unfortunately so many others have the shadow cast by the closures and the general attitude to libraries hangs over everything. The neighbouring borough of Lewisham has closed libraries, and we have even marveled in despair at the empty shelves and abandoned books as we have peered through the windows into some of them. Although Greenwich has held relatively firm the new book acquisitions seem to have slowed and the general morale of the staff seems to be low.

Taking libraries away is one of the most ill thought out cuts that has been introduced. It deprives people of the riches of the written word, prevents children from learning and takes some of the heart out of the community.

This national libraries day perhaps more than most the horn needs to be blown to praise and save our libraries.


@parridhlantern said...

in total agreement, altho my village library appears safe, the closest town to me has lost some of it's staff & gone automated, which is not the same as chatting with the staff, more a case of a supermarket checkout.

Anonymous said...

Hello and thanks for your comments. I have been volunteering for a while now at one of the local 'closed' Lewisham Libraries and can assure you that there is still a welcoming atmosphere and comfortable facilities for children and adults, due to the new and vital community scheme here. It is just as easy to go inside for a good look around rather than peering through the window, and the enthusiasm here continues as ever.