Monday, February 13, 2012

The gift of reading

My eldest son, who has dyslexia had his birthday and one of his presents was a book from the publishers Barrington Stoke.

I picked the book after asking people on Twitter for recommendations about reading choices for reluctant readers and the name Barrington Stoke came back from several people. I chose First Ninja by Chris Bradford as a good place to start and we sat down and my son read us all the first chapter before he went to bed last night.

I was then woken by the alarm this morning and headed downstairs to find my son on the sofa with the book just finishing the last chapter. Okay so it's a short book but it's the first he has read at that speed for a long time and he was bouncing around the place afterwards. He was full of the joy that reading and enjoying a book can give you.

He has promised to come on to the blog and share a review of the book with you later this week.


Parrish Lantern said...

Brilliant! So glad he found one to inspire him & having him work on a review will only add to the love of books, I've reviewed with my daughter before (Green Eggs & Ham) & hopefully will do again soon (EEP.

Mairi said...

SO glad he enjoyed the book - this post made our morning!
Mairi & all at Barrington Stoke