Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Thoughts at the half way point of The Rich Boy

Fitzgerald is best known for The Great Gatsby and the title story in this collection of three short stories introduces someone who also has great wealth.

With wealth seems to come unhappiness, a restlessness that prevents Anson Hunter from finding happiness. He has the looks, the career, the income and the life he wants but his inability to commit to the one woman he really loves means he cannot find the love he seeks.

The result is that Hunter becomes even larger than life, turns more to the bottle and struggles even harder to inspire the love he seeks himself in others. It works and another relationship is formed but again he lets the woman go and ends up reading about the marriage in the society pages.

Despiute the great wealth tyou are left feeling a slight symapthy for XX. Not too much because he has inspired his own problems, but enough to make you realise that being rich does not always mean happiness.

There are two other stories in this book which I am looking forward to and will mention those in the full review, which should be posted tomorrow.

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