Friday, January 13, 2012

Reading plans for the rest of the month

It might have started to become obvious but the reading plans for this month are all around American writers. I have to travel to the US for work next week and so am taking a few books with me that represent writers from that country.

The trip has been on my mind for a while so it perhaps influenced the decision to take off the shelf and dust down the Vonnegut and McCarthy I started the month with.

Whenever I go away if possible I try to take a writer to read from that country and ideally from the place I am going to. In this case I sadly didn't have the time to research and plan to take books by writers from Boston but hope that a range of American writers will provide an interesting backdrop to my stay.


Anonymous said...

look forward to your views on us writers simon ,all the best stu

Parrish Lantern said...

Be interested in the authors you read & if the ideas in the book bear any relation to your own experience whilst there.