Friday, January 06, 2012

Reading interrupted

Having started the year by at least blogging again the plan of course was to get back into reading ways.

The return to work coincided with strong winds so a tube to work rather than the bike. So far do good because that's time to get through about 50 or 60 pages to and from work.

So imagine the horror as seven pages in there is a tap on the shoulder from a colleague. The politest thing to do was of course to put the book away.

But this has happened before and it's one of the most annoying things. I'm naturally fairly anti social so having to make small talk about work or football is painful when you have been ripped away from the printed page.

Anyway that's a long winded way of saying I've failed to finish the book I hoped to this week.

Determined this slow start is not the way things will continue. For now at least I'm blaming the interrupted reading on that tap on the shoulder.


Anthony said...

I too often fail to meet my reading goals, so I can empathize with you.

Stephen said...

This used to happen to me when I commuted in London. I would endure 5 minutes of smalltalk and then finish with "I am reading this book ... it's really good..." giving them 1 or 2 minutes on it before finishing with "oh well, back to my book!"