Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Chance for unpublished authors with ebook prize

Reading the Metro on the way into work saw a news in brief mentioning the Kidwell-e-Ebook Awards (that rolls off the tongue) which is a new literary prize.

The awards are part of a two day ebook festival taking place in August. More details of that can be found clicking here

I guess some will shrug their shoulders and bemoan the addition of yet another lit prize to the calendar but if it does promote as intended unpublished as well as established authors it could be interesting.

Over the second half of last year I managed to read some books that were either first publications for some writers or in a couple of cases things that had not yet received mainstream publication. Those writers were very keen for their work to get an airing and so for the unpublished and new writers this prize could offer a real showcase for their work and that will be a positive.

Got to be careful here as I am yet to join the ebook revolution so can't really talk too much about that side of reading but you would hope the awards would take in to account innovative use of the format and quality. The worry is that with digital data available it could just become a 'who got the most downloads' award.

Anyway that's my comment on the news, combined with some useless musings.


Parrish Lantern said...

Maybe just another prize etc. But anything that promotes literature in whatever format has to be good in this day & age where books ate competing for attention with other stuff that have big budget promotions.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a good award ,all the best stu