Saturday, March 05, 2011

The experience of giving

Months ago I send my details and waited to see if I would be chosen as a book giver for World Book Night. Rather than choose one of the more contemporary and probably sought after titles I chose a classic, All Quiet on the Western Front. It also helped that I'd read the book so if challenged I could recommend it with a degree of confidence.

But I just wanted to share some observations here about the experience of giving.

* Suspicion - the first reaction of most people I tried to give a book to was one of suspicion. Did it cost anything? What was it in aid of and why were they being given a copy?

* Confusion - the more I tried to explain about World Book Night the more it became obvious very few people knew about it.

* Satisfaction - get over those hurdles and the reward was a smile, thanks and that wonderful feeling of having passed on a good read.

Really hoping that the books I have given out will circulate and bring pleasure to a large number of people. They say that giving is better than recieving and when it comes to books it certianly can be.

Well done World Book Night and I hope those that got copies from me really enjoy them.

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parrish lantern said...

Was a WBN giver myself (Cloud Atlas) & experienced the same reactions, suspicion, confusion, etc. (Posted on it on my site) I did have a secret weapon that helped crack the initial suspicion, my 10 year old daughter who thoroughly enjoyed the experience.