Saturday, February 19, 2011

Le Tour

Aside from literature there are a couple of things about France that are well worth investigating. One is of course the food and the other is the passion the country has for cycling.

The Tour de France is a three week cycle race that spans the country and is not just a great advert for cycling but the country as the elite riders glide through some of the most wonderful scenery as they clock up the thousands of kilometres.

There are plenty of books about cycling that you can read and one I managed to get through was Geoffrey Wheatcroft's history of the Tour, Le Tour, but as with most things one of the best ways to enjoy it is to watch and get drawn into the action.

This year's race starts on 2 July and coverage should be on ITV 4 as well as online. Do dip in and take a look as it's something great to watch.


parrish lantern said...

As a keen, my wife would say obsessive Cyclist (Rd & Mtb) I love the TDF & the Giro watching both every year & beyond watching , book is a good way of becoming immersed in the culture, other than riding that is

Anonymous said...

Really looking forward to tour this year got great cyce news app have see it there is a actual tour app ,all the best stu