Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Non-fiction experiences

Just a brief observation on the differences between reading a piece of fiction and a travel book/memoir type work. The problem is the nature of the travel book is episodic and so there is a pace that you get used to looking for in fiction that never really arrives.

Also by the nature of the episodic nature there are moments when you find your interest almost completely lost until another part of the adventure grabs you back.

I'm not drawing any major conclusions just sharing an observation that might challenge my ambition to read a mix of non-fiction in with the fiction this year. Both require a different approach and so chopping and changing might not be the best policy.


Anonymous said...

I should read more non fiction myself simon ,I ve a few travel books in tbr ,all the best stu

I'm Simon Quicke and I have said...

me too stu trying to theme the reading this year so having done russia in Jan going to do France in February

I'm Simon Quicke and I have said...
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