Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Thoughts at the half way point of The Small Hand

Ghost stories are not something I read with great regularity so I'm not sure of the form. But on limited experience this seems to go slightly against the norm. Instead of a growing sense of dread creeping up on you before the first 'sighting' of something supernatural the small hand is introduced very early on.

Having said that the sense of a small child holding a man's hand is introduced but the reason for the hand, the story behind it and the consequences for the man in the story, Adam Snow, are going to take a while to become clear.

By the half way point he has suffered a few more moments of feeling the hand with an increasing sense that the power behind it means him harm. Advised by monks to face his fear he sets out once again to the dilapidated house he first felt the hand to find the source of the mystery and to conquer his fears.

A review follows shortly...

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