Saturday, December 18, 2010

Praise for the points card

I've never been on for things like club cards and nectar points so when Waterstones launched a points card i signed up with a great deal of scepticism. But as I look back over the year I have to concede it has worked.

Fundamentally from a Waterstones point of view I have bought more books. The card has not necessarily been the incentive, with the occasional promotions with double points etc, but it has encouraged me to buy a book when I can put some points towards it and reduce the cost/guilt of the purchase.

But there has been another consequence of having the card and that is with most chain bookshops disappearing off the high street it has in noticeable and probably unconscious ways, made me closer to the Waterstones brand. The ability to get a magazine for free is also a bonus that works.

Throughout the year I have used my points, regularly tendered the card unprompted at a purchase and it's always in the wallet. That means it has been for me at least a success.


Andy said...

The magazine does make the points card worth owing as it has led me to buying a few books I would have been unaware of. Also the amount of points you get is good and does help in reducing costs.

Considering Waterstones have taken over the book world, it is at least giving something back.

On the price front I do tend to find Amazon cheaper still, but onine is never the same as walking into a shop.

parrish lantern said...

As a card owner whose original reason for possessing one was to get the magazine for free, I'm amazed by the amount of use I get out of it, especially as my default position concerning loyalty cards is that the only loyalty shown is customer, not corporate & that the "Big-Stores"(tm) are merely collecting data to ease their access to your cash .

Tom Ireland said...

I have one but I STILL rarely buy from Waterstones. Too expensive! And to be honest, I really have no idea how the points work.

Anonymous said...

I use mine a lot ,very good value really ,all the best stu

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