Saturday, November 27, 2010

book review: Roman Soldier's Handbook by Lesley Sims

This review has been dictated to me by my eldest son who has really enjoyed this book:

"It is old modern history put into fun ways for children to understand. They have some jokes which are really funny. It is a really interesting book that I have enjoyed reading very much. It is quite history packed. At the back you have a map of the Roman countries and it is full of Roman facts."

"I took this book into school, where we are learning about Romans, and showed my friends. They thought it was great and Samuel really wants to read it."

"The best thing about the book where the way the pictures took you inside to places like the general's house and they had horses and stables. That was the best part."

This book gets a Roman thumbs up and four and a half stars out of five.

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MJQ said...

Congratulations father and son for these good to see the next generation sharing not only an interest in books (and history!) but a willingness to share enthusiasm. Great stuff.